Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association (“DFLCA”)

Staying Healthy/City News


March 17, 2020-

Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association Residents: 

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.  

Downtowners! As much as we love getting together in our beautiful neighborhood, please make every effort to protect yourself and the most vulnerable in our community by practicing social distancing and staying at home as much as possible.  We need to do our part to stop the spread of Covid-19, the Coronavirus disease.  

Mayor Trantalis held a press conference this afternoon and there are new measures being enacted as of this evening to keep our community safe. The main changes are listed below.  The link to the full press release and the press conference video are below.  Please stay in touch with your neighbors via phone, text, email, and social media. 

Many downtown condominiums have private facebook groups and you can also connect with others in the neighborhood at All residents are eligible to join this free neighborhood community where the city and neighbors post updates, questions, and calls/offers of assistance.  Our neighborhood is “Downtown Fort Lauderdale.” You can join at the link here: Downtown Neighborhood on Nextdoor

From the City:

The measures are being put in place for the protection of the community, visitors, and employees to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the healthcare system is not overwhelmed. The City will continue to assess the situation and make changes as necessary.


The following measures are effective immediately and will remain in effect through April 16, 2020: 


-All public gatherings of any type, whether organized or otherwise, of greater than 10 persons are prohibited. Exemptions include grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, banks, credit unions, financial institutions, hardware stores, auto supply stores, hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities, pharmacies, drug stores, medical supply companies, as well as land or facilities owned and managed by Broward County, the Broward County School Board, the North Broward Hospital District, the State of Florida, and the Federal Government. 

-All bars, nightclubs, taverns, pubs, cocktail lounges, breweries, dance halls, movie theaters, halls for hire, auditoriums, bowling alleys, video arcades, and other like entertainment facilities and businesses, including but not limited to those contained within a hotel or other enclosed facility or structure,

shall close. 

-All gyms, fitness centers, fitness studios, dance studios, and gymnasiums shall close. This regulation shall not apply to gymnasiums, fitness centers, and fitness studios which:

(a) are amenities of hotels or office buildings and which have a capacity of 10 persons or less; and (b) are an amenity of residential buildings.

-All restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service establishments are mandated to cease all on-premises service. However, such establishments may continue to operate their kitchens for drive-thru, delivery, take-out, and exterior pick-up food services.

-All City parks, including recreational facilities, are closed.

-All public beaches in the City of Fort Lauderdale, from the Atlantic Ocean to the easternmost sidewalk of A 1A or to any right-of-way or property line abutting the beach, and from Oakland Park Boulevard south to Harbor Drive, as more specifically defined in Section 8-52, Code of Ordinances, City of Fort Lauderdale remain closed 

The full transcript of the mayor’s announcement, the complete Declaration of Emergency Regulations, and the related video can be found here:  City of Fort Lauderdale Updates on Coronavirus/COVID-19


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