Since its inception, the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association has offered cultural, educational, historical as well as political forums of interest to our urban community. It has obtained grant funding for signage and lighting improvements, coordinated the Downtown Ambassador Program, provided residents with informational sessions regarding future downtown development, participated in the Our Vision FTL project and addressed quality of life issues such as sound ordinance, safety, structural aesthetics and the homeless.  DFLCA  members have also enjoyed exclusive invitations to Las Olas restaurant grand openings as well as private film screenings at Savor Cinema. The DFLCA interacts with other local civic associations and is a member of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations.


The DFLCA was formed in 2006 as a volunteer group of community-minded residents interested in providing information and activities that would improve the daily living experience in the downtown area.

Looking Forward –

Through vigorous membership engagement, the association looks to contribute to the downtown of the future.

2020 Key Issues-

◊  Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety/Public Safety and Livability/EMS Response Times

◊  Downtown Development Challenges

◊  Proposed Changes to the ULDR/Codification of the Downtown Master Plan–particularly as affects Downtown RAC-CC (Downtown Core and Near Downtown) as well as RAC-RPO (Urban Neighborhood)

◊  Water and Sewer Infrastructure Concerns

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