◊ Water and Sewer Infrastructure Concerns

◊ Downtown Development Challenges

◊ Proposed Changes to the ULDR/Codification of the Downtown Master Plan- particularly as it affects Downtown RACC-CC (Downtown Core and Near Downtown) as well as RAC-RPO (Urban Neighborhood)

◊ Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety

◊ Public Safety and Livability Issues

◊ EMS Response Times


Past Activities:

◊ 2/27/2020:  Wine Tasting, by Ocean Wine & Spirits and Neighborhood Reception at National Geographic Gallery 

◊ Forum of new projects – “What’s Happening Downtown?”

◊ Forum on the Courthouse plans and other projects“What’s Happening South of the River”

◊ Free Major Movie Preview for Association members at International Film Festival,Savor

◊ Forum with four community visionaries – “It’s A New Year! What’s Possible for Fort Lauderdale and America?

◊ CityView Magazine became the official magazine of the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association….and much more!

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